Monday, November 30, 2009

A Free Site for Smart Homeowners - House Logic by NAR

Hi, I want to let all of you know about HouseLogic, a site for smart homeowners. It's full of great content and tools to help owners make informed decisions about improving, protecting, and maintaining their home. House Logic

The HouseLogic Story

What is
HouseLogic is a free source of information and tools—from the NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF REALTORS®—that can help you make smart and timely decisions about your home.

What can HouseLogic do for me?
With content covering home improvement, maintenance, taxes, finance, insurance, and even ways you can get involved in and enrich your community, HouseLogic can help you increase and protect the value of your home by helping you make confident decisions.

Why did NAR create HouseLogic?
NAR has been a champion of homeownership rights and opportunities for more than a century. Helping consumers become more informed, responsible homeowners is important to the stability and value of the housing market – and your overall enjoyment of your home.

From time to time, NAR may ask you to partner on issues or legislation that may impact you as a homeowner. It’s up to you whether to participate in these causes.

Will my information be shared? I can't stand junk mail, spam, and dinnertime phone calls.
We're with you. We’ll NEVER share or sell your email address or other personal information you may provide us with anyone without your explicit consent.

What can HouseLogic do for me?
Here's a quick guide to using the HouseLogic site. You're free to explore all you want. When you're ready to go, just dig in. The more you use the site, the more you'll get accomplished, so remember to come back often.

•Search for a specific type of project or create one using your own parameters
•Add projects or articles while you're browsing—just click and drag the title
•Assign priorities and due dates so you can focus on timely and impactful projects
•Read an article, then take a quiz to put your new knowledge to the test
•Complete a project, then mark it off your to-do list and record your progress
•Watch your progress meters shift in response
•Reach a certain number or milestone, and you’ll receive points and/or badges
•Earn badges in different areas, such as saving money and outdoor maintenance
•Visit your binder regularly to view these lasting reminders of your progress

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